March 24 to 27, 2022



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Railroad Prototype Modelers - 2022

 is Back!

All the Clinics, Vendors, Model Displays, Ops Sessions, and Layout tours will return. Come out to see your friends you have missed over the past few years. 

COVID Policy

   Our intention is to provide a safe and enjoyable RPM. Because of the Covid-19 health issue, we have instituted the following policies which apply to all attendees:

    We will follow all Federal, State and Local health department regulations and requirements. 

    We will comply with whatever current government regulations that are in place at the time of our meet. 

    Because of the rapid changes, we may not be able to provide advance notice of these regulations.

    Unless mandated by government authorities or Desmond regulations, we will not have any mask or social distancing restrictions.

We strongly recommend those who are not vaccinated or those who have unique health risks, to wear a mask for their safety and the safety of others. 

RPM Valley Forge flyer

You may download and print this Flyer on 8 1/2" x 11" paper

The weekend starts on Thursday night with an operating session. Friday morning starts with at least three operating sessions available. See Ops Sessions page for info.

Registration starts 5:30 P.M. Friday with first clinics starting at 7 P.M. Vendors and Model Display rooms also open at 7 P.M. 

Saturday clinics start 9 A.M., Vendor and Model Display rooms also open. There is a dinner break 5:30 to 7 P.M., then rooms reopen and clinics resume at 7 P.M. and run until 11 P.M.

 There is an extra cost Buffet Dinner on Saturday from 5:30 P.M. to 7 P.M. Only 60 tickets available.

Sunday, clinics begin and Model Display and Vendors rooms open at 9 A.M. and end at Noon.

Home layout visitations are 12:30 P.M. to 4 P.M. or as noted by layout host.

In Memory of Dick Foley

Dick Foley

Sponsored by a 100% NMRA Club

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